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In 2019, China imported about 3,941.3 tons of honey, worth about 530 million yuan.

The top 10 trading countries and regions are New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Germany, 

Spain, Malaysia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Thailand.


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Imported honey enters Chinese market

Requirements and import procedures

Enterprise qualification

The business scope of business license of consignee of import honey product industry and commerce should include import food.

If the owner unit has the right of import and export, it may import by itself;

If not, you may entrust a company with import and export right to act as an import agent.

Domestic registration of consignee

Import the consignee must pass "import food and cosmetics import and export business for the record system" (http://ire.customs.gov.cn) for the record, and to industrial and commercial registration submitted for the record that the customs the paper material, after the customs audit of electronic information applications through number is generated for the record.


Paper materials required for filing

★ fill in accurate and complete consignee record application form;

★ business license for industry and commerce, organization code certificate (or business administration department issued to load the legal person and other organizations unified social credit code business license), legal representative identity certificate, foreign trade managers registration form and other copies and submit the original;

★ enterprise quality and safety management system;

★ food safety related organizational structure, department functions and job responsibilities;

★ types of food to be operated, storage locations;

★ those who have been engaged in the import, processing and sale of food within two years shall provide relevant descriptions (the variety and quantity of food);

★ the enterprise must obtain the customs declaration unit registration qualification.

Overseas exporters or agents for the record

To the outside of the territory of China to export food exporters or agents, shall be in accordance with the "about release < import food importers and exporters for the record management regulations > and < food import and sales records management regulations > announcement of announcement no. 55 (2012), through the" import food and cosmetics import and export business for the record system "to put on record, while imports of honey products must come from approved by our country in the world organization for animal health (OIE) evaluation of countries and regions, and should be in the" review meets the requirements and the traditional trade of the country or region imports

Food catalogue: within the scope of "list of bee products".

Entry to declare

The customs shall examine and verify the declaration materials submitted by the importer or his agent and accept them if they meet the requirements;

Failure to meet the requirements shall not be accepted.

Review the required application materials

★ contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading and other necessary documents;

Official quarantine (health) certificates of exporting countries (regions) required by laws and regulations, bilateral agreements, protocols and other provisions;

★ for the first time to import honey products, it shall provide original label samples with official seal, Chinese translation of original label, Chinese label samples, etc., and the label, the manual emphasizes the award, the certificate, the production area and other contents or emphasizes the special ingredients, it shall provide the corresponding certification materials;

★ for the import of organic certified honey products, it shall submit the copy of the certification certificate of organic products obtained in China, the copy of the sales certificate of organic products, the certification mark and the product mark and other documents.

★ import of honey importers and exporters name, record number, and the last batch of food imports, sales records.

Note: the Chinese label shall comply with the general provisions of the national food safety standard for pre-packaged food labeling (GB 7718-2011) and the general provisions of the national food safety standard for pre-packaged food nutrition labeling (GB 28050-2011);

Chinese honey from New Zealand requires importers to attach an official certificate issued by the New Zealand ministry of primary industry certifying that "the honey is natural and does not contain any added dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxal (MG)".

Conformity assessment

If the imported honey is released according to the conformity assessment procedure, the customs shall issue the inspection and quarantine certificate of entry goods before it can be sold and used.

If the imported honey is found to be unqualified for safety, health or environmental protection projects after inspection and quarantine, the customs shall order the party concerned to return the goods or sell them


Where other items are not up to standard, technical treatment may be carried out under the supervision of the customs, and the goods may not be sold or used until they are up to standard after re-inspection.

The consignee of import honey should fill in the record of import and sale of imported food through the record system of import food and cosmetics importer and exporter in time.

The customs shall inspect the archival filing of importers and their import and sales records within its jurisdiction.

Honey under customs regulations

The customs tariff code for honey is 0409.0000, which means honey produced by bees and other insects, whether separated by centrifugation, still stored in the hive or with fragments of the hive, but not added with sugar or any other substance.

Honey can be named according to the flower's origin, place of origin, or color.

This item excludes artificial honey and mixtures of natural honey and artificial honey.

The current tax rate on imported bottled honey (levied in renminbi) is 15%;

No consumption tax;

VAT 11%.

Diagram honey import process


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